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Alroc cable insulation stripping tools

Alroc Cable Insulation Stripping Tools – Simplified Cable Insulation Removal

Alroc are manufacturers of cable insulation stripping tools and are used by high voltage cable jointers to cut and remove insulation from 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV HV cables. Alroc tools are the preferred choice of tool for HV cable joints and contractors when stripping and removing XLPE cable insulation.

Alroc have been manufacturing cable stripping tools and machines for electrical cable preperation for over 25 years with the range of products suitable for use when working on LV, MV and HV cables and under tension.

The range of tools are commonly purchased by utilities contractors and HV cable jointers for quick, effective and simple cable insulation removal.

Alroc MV HV Cable Tools – Cable Preparation & Insulation Stripping

Alroc’s range of cable tools for 11kV, 33kV and 132kV cables easily remove outer cable sheath to enable simplified cable jointing or terminating with heat shrink or cold shrink. Cable sheath stripping pliers remove PVC, PE and EPR cable sheaths from the outer cable and are suitable for single core and three core LV HV cables. These tools are available as either left or right handed.

Alroc cable screen stripping tools are available to remove bonded semi-conductor screens from HV cables and screen scoring tools available for removing peelable semi-conductor screening from high voltage cables.

The cable insulation stripping tools easily removes the HV insulation from from the outer cable without any damage to the cable core.

Key Alroc Products:

  • Cable Sheath Stripping Tools
  • Insulation stripping tools
  • Semi-Con screen removal tools
Alroc LV MV HV Cable Insulation Stripping Tools

Alroc LV MV HV Cable Insulation Stripping Tools

Video: Alroc 8YRO PG6 Tool – Cable Sheath Stripping Tools

Alroc Product Spotlight: Alroc MF2 MV Cable Stripping Tool

Alroc MF2 MV Cable Insulation Stripping Tool

Alroc MF2 MV Cable Insulation Stripping Tool

The MF2 cable stripping tool has a working range of 18 – 60mm and can be used on all 11kV and 33kV cable installations. The Alroc MF2 is an adjustable, multi-function cable stripping tool which enables work on MV cables by removing PE PVC and PR outer sheath and insulation.

The tool is adjustable and has a variable blade allowing the width of cut to be increased or decreased accordingly – in addition there is a stop arm. The MF2 cable tool is compatible with cables 3-226, UTE C 33-223, NFC 33-223 and HN 33 S 23.

How Alroc and T&D Can Help You

T&D were established in 1985 and are now one of the largest Alroc cable insulation stripping tools distributors and stockists – we provide expert technical support, competitive quotations and international delivery for the full range of Alroc LV HV cable insulation stripping and preperation tools.

T&D are worldwide exporters of LV-HV Electrical Equipment, Cables, Cable Accessories & Jointing products – we service UK and global businesses involved in low and high voltage cable installations, cable jointing, substation and overhead line construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV in both industrial and hazardous areas.

Alroc Blog Highlights

T&D’s technical articles and blogs provide news, information and customer support.

Alroc MF2 multi-function MV cable jointers tool

Alroc MF2 multi-function MV cable jointers tool

Alroc MF3NP/40 Multi-Function 33kV Cable Tools

Alroc 8YRO-PG6 cable stripping tools are used to strip PE PVC and EPR rubber cable sheath

Alroc 8YRO-PG6 cable stripping tools are used to strip PE, PVC & EPR rubber cable sheath

Alroc Cable Sheath Stripping Pliers Tool 8YRO PG6

About Alroc

Founded in 1940, Alroc today employ over 30 people and specialise in tools and machines for the preparation of the low, medium and high voltage cables telephone, optical fibres coaxial and special cables.

Alroc are also main manufacturers of tools for working under tension in conformity with the standard IN 60900 and CEI 900.



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