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CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

CATU Electrical Safety Equipment

CATU Electrical manufacture electrical safety equipment for LV HV and extreme HV applications. The range includes insulated PPE, LV testing equipment, live working tools, Lockout Tagout (LOTO) equipment, MV substation equipment and HV Line and Switchgear equipment.

The use of correct electrical safety equipment is absolutely vital when working in and around substations to protect those working in these areas such as Senior Authorised Persons (SAP’s), linesmens, cable jointers, technicians and HV electrical engineers.

Electrical safety equipment can be used during switching and maintenance operations on low and high voltage cable systems, including 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV.

CATU Electrical lockout tagout electrical safety products provide safe isolation of products and systems to protect any personnel carrying out work, inspection or repairs. The purpose of locking is to separate cut off or neutralisation parts with a suitable system in order to prevent the usage by any unauthorised persons and is usually accompanied by signage.

The range of CATU electrical safety equipment can be used at the following voltages: LV up to 1000 volts, HV up to 52kV (including 11kV 33kV) and EHV above 52kV (including 66kV, 132kV, 275kV, 400kV).

CATU Electrical Personal And Collective Protective Equipment

CATU personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) range includes arc flash clothing, insulating gloves, boots and mats and insulating tools. The correct use of insulating tools and protective equipment can mean the difference between life and serious injury or death of anyone coming into contact or near the point of an arc flash, short circuit or other un-expected surge of power.

Arc flash is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low impedance connection to ground. The specific dangers in addition to the electric current are the heat and light that are exerted when the explosion occurs. An arc flash can occur during a short circuit or other incidental electrical fault.

Arc flash explosions can cause an extreme surge in power and result in temperatures generated of over 19,000°C which is hotter than the sun.

CATU Electrical Key Products:

  • PPE
  • Locking And Signalling
  • LV Test, Measurement and Earthing Systems
  • LV Live Working Tools
  • MV Substation Equipment
  • HV Lines And Switchgear Equipment
CATU PPE Product Range

CATU Electrical PPE Product Range

Video: CATU CZ53R Electrical Life Saving Kits for High Voltage Substations

The CATU CZ53R life saving kit is a compact life saving kit designed for use in and around substations. The kit can save lives and protect those working on substations or carrying out maintenance.

CATU Electrical Product Spotlight: CATU CZ Electrical Life Saving Kits 

CATU CZ-53R Electrical Life Saving Kit

CATU CZ-53R Electrical Life Saving Kit

CATU CZ electrical life saving kits are designed for use in HV substations and switch-rooms. Available in a carry case or wall mounted, the CZ electrical life saving kits contain the components required to save the life of anyone caught up in an arc flash, short circuit or technical malfunction accident.

Any HV electrical accident has the power to seriously injure or kill those involved so it is imperative that aid is given as quickly and as safely as possible.

CZ electrical safety kits typically contain: telescopic rescue stick, insulated cable cutting tool, voltage detector, insulating gloves and boots as well as an insulating platform and safety signage.

The electrical life savings kits can be supplied for use up to 25kV or 36kV.

How CATU Electrical And T&D Can Help You.

T&D were established in 1985 and are now one of the largest CATU Electrical Safety distributors and stockists – we provide expert technical support, competitive quotations and international delivery for the full range of CATU electrical safety products. CATU can manufacture bespoke or custom kits can be made up to individual specifications.

T&D are worldwide exporters of LV-HV Electrical Equipment, Cables, Cable Accessories & Jointing products – we service UK and global businesses involved in low and high voltage cable installations, cable jointing, substation and overhead line construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV in both industrial and hazardous areas.

CATU Electrical Blog Highlights

T&D’s technical articles and blogs provide news, information and customer support.

About CATU Electrical

CATU Electrical was established in 1919 and initially developed equipment for electrical transmission & distribution networks. Today, CATU’s range of products includes warning signs, lock-out, earthing & short circuiting systems, voltage detectors & controllers, live line working tools & equipment, insulating rubber gloves, harnesses, arc-flash & other personal protective equipment.

T&D International are Main UK Distributors for CATU Electrical Safety Products.

Integrity & Values. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.



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