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Cembre Crimping Tools - Battery Operated

Cembre Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools

Cembre manufacture a range of cable crimping and cable cutting tools including hydraulic, ratchet, mechanical and battery powered tools used the world over in a variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore, mining and rail networks.

The range of hydraulic tools are used to crimp underground cables and overhead lines for both LV and HV applications. In addition they can be used to cut or crimp EPR, PILC, XLPE, PVC insulated cables with copper or aluminium conductors, lead sheath, steel wire armour ( SWA) or steel wire braid (GSWB).

Cembre cable crimping and cutting tools are available with a variety of heads and fittings with hydraulic crimping heads available with die sets for use up to 1200sqmm. The range of tools are the most effective, easy-to-use cable crimping and cable cutting tools.

The range enables quick and easy installation of cable crimps and compression connectors  and cutting of overhead lines.

Cembre Tools : Hydraulic, Battery & Ratchet Cable Crimping & Cutting Tools

The range of Cembre tools includes hydraulic, ratchet and battery operated cable crimping and cable cutting tools. Cembre tools provide a fast and effective high volume cycle when using regular crimping applications. 

The ergonomic design enables one handed crimping and cutting making the process less labour intensive and speeds up installation times. 

Cembre Key Products:

  • Cable cutting tools
  • Cable crimping tools
  • Hydraulic cable tools
  • Cable lugs, connectors and crimps
Cembre Cable Lugs

Cembre colour-coded crimp connectors for copper conductors

Video : Cembre Tool –  B131-C Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool 

Cembre B131-C battery crimping tool is a 14.4V cordless crimping tool ideal for panel building and electrical contracting applications. Lightweight construction enables the operator to hold the B131C battery crimping tool in one hand and to position the cable crimp with the other hand.

Cembre Product Spotlight : B1350-CE Crimping Tool

Cembre B1350-CE Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool

B1350-CE Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool

The Cembre B1350-CE hydraulic cable crimping tool is a hand held, battery operating cable crimping tool and is one of the latest additions to the range of Cembre cable crimping tools. The B1350-CE has an ergonomic design making it extremely easy to use whilst still providing the force and level of performance that Cembre is synonymous with.

The B1350-CE delivers 14.87 ton of crimping force and is suitable for connectors up to 800mm.

With an OLED display showing battery power status and crimp force generated, the B1350-CE crimping tool delivers accuracy as well as force.

How Cembre and T&D Can Help You

T&D were established in 1985 and are now one of the largest Cembre Distributors and stockists. T&D are worldwide exporters of LV-HV Electrical Equipment, Cables, Cable Accessories & Jointing products.

T&D are worldwide exporters of LV-HV Electrical Equipment, Cables, Cable Accessories & Jointing products – we service UK and global businesses involved in low and high voltage cable installations, cable jointing, substation and overhead line construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV in both industrial and hazardous areas.

Cembre Blog Highlights

T&D’s technical articles and blogs provide news, information and customer support.
Choosing The Right Cembre Cable Lug

Choosing The Right Cembre Cable Lug. BS7609 Code Of Practice Sets Out What Is Best Practice For The Installation And Inspection Of Cable Lugs.

BS7609 Guidance Notes – Crimping Cables With Cembre Lugs & Tooling

Cembre B1350-CE Cable Crimping Tool

Cembre B1350-CE Cable Crimping Tool. Cembre Tools Reduce Installation Times And Are Labour Saving Reducing Work Related Injuries.

Cembre Battery Crimping Tools For Power Cables

About Cembre

Cembre were established in 1986 and are experts in providing cable crimping & cutting solutions. The vast range of products are suitable for use in most industries and areas of work and provide a simple, easy to install solution to any crimping or cable cutting requirements.

T&D International are Main UK Distributors for Cembre Cable Cutting And Crimping Products.

Integrity & Values. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.



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