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Roxtec Cable Sealing Transits

Roxtec Cable Transit Seals – The Flexible Sealing System

Roxtec are manufacturers of transit frames and blocks for cable and pipe sealing. The range of Roxtec cable and pipe transit seals are designed to protect against dust, fire, gas, water and explosions.

Roxtec products ensure safety, operational reliability and efficiency by providing an effective, dependable seal around cables and pipes through an opening.

Cable and pipe seals are required in many industries including oil & gas, rail, petrochemical and offshore/marine. Transit seals are used to prevent water, dust, fire or other foreign objects including rodents from entering the cable duct opening and potentially causing damage to the cables and other infrastructure.

The Roxtec sealing solution is based upon rubber modules with removable layers. This allows the installer to achieve the highest standard of seal around the cable dimension with minimal effort and training required resulting in both financial and time savings.

The simplicity of the product results in a fast installation and removes the need for a large stock holding and the logistics and material costs.

The range of seals protect infrastructure and cables against fire, water and explosions and as such are approved by all major classification societies and used in a wide range of applications

Roxtec Modular Cable Transits – Sealing Frames For Cables And Pipes

Roxtec modular cable transit seals are based upon a modular rubber design. The seals is constructed of a number of layers that removable in order to give a perfect seal around the cable or pipe. The range includes rectangular transits and round transits to fit a variety of pipes and cable sizes.

Roxtec’s innovative product range lead the market for providing reliable, certified cable and pipe seals.

Roxtec Key Products:

  • Rectangular Cable Transit Frames
  • Round Cable Transit Frames

Roxtec Modular Cable Sealing Transits

Roxtec Modular Cable Sealing Transits

Video: Roxtec Substation Cable Seals for Triplex Cables Using H3 Cable Seal

Roxtec H3 trefoil cable seals are used to seal high voltage cables at the point they enter the substations. Roxtec cable seals protect against water ingress that would potentially cause a large amount of damage to a substation.

Roxtec Product Spotlight: Roxtec H3 Trefoil Cable Transit

Roxtec H3 Triplex HV Cable Transit Seal

Roxtec H3 Triplex HV Cable Transit Seal

Roxtec H3 cable transits are a trefoil cable sealing solution that are often favoured by UK DNO’s where 11kV HV power cables are entering substations with the seals protecting against flood and other water ingress through the cable duct opening.

As substations provide power to a vast number of homes in their locality, it is vital that they have a continuous, uninterrupted power supply.

The H3 cable seal has been designed to seal often problematic single core HV cables in triplex formation including 11kV and 33kV cables.

Roxtec H3 cable seals have been tested by a 3rd party using pull out tests to ensure the cable retention. The idea behind the independent test was to determine the amount of weight and therefore tension in Kg that could be applied the three cables installed inside the H3 seal before they would begin to slide out.

The conclusion of the test was that the H3 seal could withstand 305kg without sliding between cables, sealing or sleeves.

How Roxtec and T&D Can Help You

T&D were established in 1985 and are now one of the largest Roxtec distributors and stockists – we provide expert technical support, competitive quotations and international delivery for all Roxtec cable transits and sealing solutions.

T&D are worldwide exporters of LV-HV Electrical Equipment, Cables, Cable Accessories & Jointing products – we service UK and global businesses involved in low and high voltage cable installations, cable jointing, substation and overhead line construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV in both industrial and hazardous areas.

Roxtec Blog Highlights

T&D’s technical articles and blogs provide news, information and customer support.

Roxtec H3 Cable Sealing Solution

Roxtec H3 Cable Sealing – Providing Continuous Power To Substations

Roxtec Cable Sealing Solutions For Continuous Power Supply

Roxtec H3 Substation Cable Seal - For HV Triplex Cables

Roxtec H3 Substation Cable Seal – For HV Triplex Cables

Roxtec H3 Trefoil & Triplex Cable Seals For High Voltage Cable Retention

About Roxtec

Roxtec cable and pipe seals protect life and assets. The flexible solutions ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability in demanding projects worldwide. Founded in 1990, Roxtec are today the world-leading supplier of modular-based seals.

Today, Roxtec provide sealing solutions for a wide range of applications within many different industries including Rail, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Marine and Ship Building.

T&D International are Main UK Distributors for Roxtec Products.

Integrity & Values. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.



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