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Industrial Heaters

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Industrial heaters

Thorne & Derrick Are International Distributors Of Industrial Heaters And Heating Systems

Industrial heaters manufactured by Chromalox are a range of precision electric heat and control systems used throughout many industries globally. Chromalox introduced the worlds first metal-sheathed heating element 100 years ago and today offer full design and engineering capabilities that are vertically integrated into their manufacturing capabilities.

Benefits Of Electrical Industrial Heaters – The Chromalox Advantage

In addition to the green benefits and environmental effects of not using oil or gas to heat working areas, electrical industrial heaters also benefit manufacturers in saving or reducing manufacturing, installation, operating, maintenance, and capital costs.

A more consistent price of electricity allows the user to more accurately predict their expected energy costs where oil and gas prices are more susceptible to fluctuations and price changes. In addition, Chromalox electrical industrial heaters require much less maintenance and offer simpler operation.

The quieter and safer operation of electrical heaters makes them the heat source of choice for the oil and gas, petrochem, pharmaceutical and food and drink industries.

Chromalox industrial heaters can be designed and manufactured to individual specifications to ensure the correct product is supplied every time.

The range of industrial heaters and heater systems from Chromalox includes:

Component Heaters Immersion Heaters Circulation Heaters Process And Packaged Systems
Process Air And Radiant Heaters Comfort Air And Radiant Heaters Controller & Thermostats Sensors & Regulators

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Chromalox Industrial Heaters For Hazardous Areas

The range of Chromalox industrial heaters meet a range of international certifications, codes, and standards within the process heating industry. The range of products cover a wide range of standards including ATEX, IECEx, ISO 9001, GOST R and CSA.

Chromalox industrial heaters - International hazardous area classifications

Chromalox industrial heaters – International hazardous area classifications

T&D Are Major Distributors For The Range Of Chromalox Industrial Heaters

T&D Are Major Distributors For The Range Of Chromalox Industrial Heaters

Chromalox Component Heaters

Industrial component heaters are by their very nature supplied as separate components and suited to more individual and unique applications.

Typical applications for component heaters include:

  • Life science instrument heating
  • Chemical process heating
  • Power generation and transmission
  • Commercial cooking
  • Extreme industrial applications

Chromalox Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters from Chromalox are used to heat liquids including water, oil, foodstuffs and chemicals. Typical applications for immersion heaters include over the side heating, flanged or threaded for liquids including:

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Corrosive solutions
  • Heat Transfer Fluids

Chromalox Circulation Heaters

ndustrial circulation heaters consist of a packaged unit consisting of a screw screwplug or flanged immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber for efficient heating of a flowing medium by in-line or side-arm operation. Typical applications of circulation heaters include:

  • Water Heating
  • Freeze Protection
  • Heat Transfer Oil Heating,
  • Fuel Oil Heating
  • Steam, Air, and Gas Heating

Chromalox Process And Packaged Systems

Chromalox process and packaged systems heaters consist of:

  • Process air heating,
  • Hazardous area heating,
  • Heating for process control panels
  • Industrial air duct heating.
  • Infrared heaters

Chromalox Air And Radiant Heaters

Air and radiant heaters include standard and bespoke heating for frost protection, personnel heating,  custom duct heaters for HVAC and process applications, as well as a multitude of infrared radiant heating products. The full range includes:

  • Industrial unit heaters
  • Industrial convection heaters
  • Radiant heaters
  • Industrial duct heaters
  • Radiant panel heaters
  • Explosion proof convection heaters
  • Corrosion resistant unit heaters

Chromalox Contollers And Thermostats

Chromalox industrial temperature controllers and thermostats are available from single loop with one output to multiple-loop with 9 outputs and microprocessor-based PID control. The range offers precisely the required level of simplicity or sophistication and advanced models feature heating and/or cooling control modes.

The range of temperature controllers and thermostats includes:

  • Safety limit controllers
  • Monitors and recorders
  • Multi loop temperature controls
  • Single channel temperature controllers
Chromalox Immersion Heaters Features And Benefits

Chromalox Immersion Heaters Features And Benefits



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