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Nexans Euromold Connectors

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Nexans Euromold Seperable Connector

Thorne & Derrick Are Leading International Distributors Of Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors

11kV to 52kV

Nexans Euromold Connectors (Elbow, Bolted Tee & Straight) are specified to terminate MV-HV power cables onto Interface A, B, C, E and F type bushings.

Nexans Euromold dead-break separable cable connectors suit all international high voltage bushing interfaces and are manufactured specifically terminating HV cables into switch-gear, transformers and motors.

Separable cable connectors terminate high voltage power cables (typically 11kV, 15kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV up to 52kV) into SF6 GIS gas insulated switchgear including Schneider, ABB, Areva and Siemens.

Nexans Euromold cable connectors meet the requirements of ANSI/IEEE 386 & 404 and CENELEC EN50180 & EN50181 for high voltage “dead-break” cable connection, i..e connectors installed and terminated onto un-energised high voltage power cable.

In addition, the US specification “load-break” cable connectors for high voltage energised cable termination are also available.

Nexans Euromold cable connectors (elbow, bolted tee and straight types) are specified to terminate polymeric insulated  (XLPE or EPR) high voltage power cables with copper tape or copper wire screens up to 52kV.

MV-HV Seperable Connectors Material Properties

The properties of EPDM and silicone rubber have all the advantages of general purpose rubber but its performance excels in electrical strength and resistance to environmental conditions.

The silicone rubbers that are used by Nexans Euromold in their cold shrinkable and slip on terminations have been selected for their excellent tracking resistance as well as their unique hydrophobic properties.

Outstanding corona and ozone resistance is due to the chemical compounds within the EPDM rubber formed by discharges and its resistance to heat. In addition, products manufactured from EPDM rubber resist attacks made by many acids, alkalis, phosphates, alcohols and glycols.

They give exceptional service in the presence of hot water and high pressure steam and like all hydrocarbon based elastomers, EPDM is not resistant to hydrocarbon solvents.

Nexans Euromold Connectors – Connector Overview

Nexans Euromold Separable Connector : Interface A 200 Series 

Connector Type :  7.9mm Plug-In Pin Contact.

Nexans Euromold 158LR connectors (200 Series) are suitable for use up to 24kV. 158LR (Interface A) Euromold “plug-in” screened separable elbow connectors are rated up to 250amps.

Nexans Euromold Separable Connector : Interface B 400 Series 

Connector Type : 14mm Plug-In Pin Contact.  Nexans Euromold connectors (400 Series) are suitable for use up to 33kV/36kV.

400LR (Interface B) Euromold “plug-in” screened separable elbow connectors are rated up to 400amps.

Nexans Euromold Separable Connector : Interface C 400 Series  

Connector Type : M16 Bolted Copper Insert.  Nexans Euromold Separable connectors (400 Series) are suitable for use up to 33kV/36kV. Euromold 400TB (Interface C) “bolted” screened separable tee connectors are rated up to 630amps.

Also available within the Euromold 400 Series range to accommodate up to 630sqmm cables, the 440TB screened separable connector is rated up to 1250amps when used with the correct equipment bushing.

Nexans Euromold 400 Series Interface C connectors are also available in a “Compact” form designed to be used within confined cable termination chambers.

Euromold 430TB range suits most applications up to 630amps while the 484TB range of connectors are designed for larger conductors and for use up to 1250amps.

Electrical Stress Relief In Cables And The Voltage Detection Point

MV- HV electrical cables are constructed and screened based primarily on two types of electrical stress. These are a radical stress which can be represented by flux lines and longitudinal stress on the surface of the insulation where the screen has been removed.

Electrical stress in cables

When the semi-conductive layer of a cable is cut, the electrical field distribution changes drastically and the surrounding air and dielectric material in the vicinity become over stressed and cable breakdown can soon occur.

To avoid this the equipotential lines are controlled by installing a termination with a stress cone, a termination with linear stress relief or a seperable connector at the end of the screen. These terminations will ensure that the equipotential lines are adequately far apart when they emerge into the air and will not cause ionisation.

The Nexans Euromold separable connectors keep the equipotential lines inside the cable/connector assembly in a controlled way.

Cable connectors from Nexans Euromold are supplied with a capacitive test point and the voltage detection point (VD point). This testing enables a local check to confirm that the product has been de-energised prior to use.

The capacitive test point consists of a metallic insert moulded into the insulation and electrically connected to an external terminal. Under normal operating circumstances this terminal is earther by its conductive rubber cap.

The available at the testing point is directly proportional to the line voltage depending on the capacitive ratio.

High voltages can be present on the test point after removing the conductive cap and the overall available energy is minimal and any potential would disappear instantly if touched by personnel. The current transfer would be less than a micro Ampere which would be totally imperceptible to the human touch especially whilst wearing electrical protective equipment.

Nexans Euromold Hazardous Area Cable Connectorssmall atex logo

Nexans Euromold cable connectors are available for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas when terminating HV cables for hydro-carbon industries including oil & gas and petrochemical.

Video: Nexans Euromold Connectors Playlist

Nexans Euromold Connectors 400 Series Interface C Symmetrical Cable Connectors HV 



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