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Portable Earthing And Short Circuiting

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Catu portable earthing and short circuiting

Catu portable earthing and short circuiting equipment provides a safe and reliable earth clamping when connections are to be made to dirty or heavily oxidised copper or aluminium busbars/stubs. Inclusive in this are 33kV, 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV systems.

The range of earthing and short circuiting products can be customised to suit LV, HV and EHV earthing applications. These kits are available with a choice of earth clamps suitable for both live end and earth end clamps.

The sequence of use for which Catu portable earthing and short circuiting clamps are used is:

  1. Power off or de-energise any electrical equipment or overhead lines in use
  2. Ensure power absence has been proved – this is done with a voltage detector
  3. Connect to the earth point with a clamp then connect a cable with interconnections to similar clamps. These connections must be arranged to connect with phase or potentially live equipment terminals

Typical applications for Catu earthing and short circuiting kits include overhead transmission and distribution lines, substation busbars, transformer and switchgear terminals and rail electrification products.

Portable Earthing And Short Circuiting Technical Characteristics

Installations on fixed permanent points
Product reference  Rating (kA/1 s)  Installation on fixed points  Composition  Connection set
 Catu MT-1910 20  Ø 20 mm MT-2951 range 3 clamps MT-1911-E 1 MT-1911  3 cables 95 mm2
1 earth cable 35 mm2
Catu MT-1920 30  Ø 25 mm MT-3951 range 3 clamps MT-1921-E 1 MT-1921  3 cables 150 mm2
1 earth cable 50 mm2


Installations on bare conductors
 Product reference  Rating (kA/1 s)  Installation on fixed points Composition Connection set
Catu MT-5805 20  Ø 5-35 16-40 5-40  3 clamps MT-815-C 1 MT-840/1 3 cables 95 mm2
1 earth cable 35 mm2
Catu MT-8408 12.5  Ø 18-33  3 clamps MT-814/3 1 MT-840/1 3 cables 70 mm2
1 earth cable 35 mm2
Catu MT-9801 10  Ø 5-16 0-16 Ø 5-28  3 clamps MT-817-C 3 clamps MT-814/2 1 MT-840/1 3 cables 50 mm2
1 earth cable 25 mm2

Video: Catu Portable Earthing And Short Circuiting  –  CATU MT-1920 Kit



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